Shelley The Coach

Not only am I a full time Voice Actor, but I also Coach, Direct and Cast Talent

Take a look at some of my coaching options below:

Performance Coaching


Having been a full time Voice Actor for 8yrs and coming from a Musical theatre background, I know a thing or two about performance. However, I don't believe that this is enough to be a great coach. Teaching is not for the light hearted and you not only have to know your subject matter inside out, but you have to adapt to each individuals learning style and realise that choosing a coach, is a very personal thing.

I've been a teacher most of my life, whether it's teaching language, music, IT or Veterinary studies, it's something that I love and automatically gravitate towards. I love to see my students soar and there's nothing better than seeing that "light bulb" moment, when something clicks and makes sense. 

I've been directing talent and coaching VO Performance for 4yrs and enjoy every bit of it. I like to think I give thorough and relevant direction, that's easy to understand and I make all my students feel relaxed, so we get the best performance out of them during our session. I work in a lot of genres within the VO industry, which makes me a well rounded coach, able to help you up your game in auditioning and booking. 

If you need a second set of ears for an audition that you may be having trouble with, or you are not booking as much as you feel you should, or just want to explore another genre, just get in touch below and we can discuss your needs in detail and book a session over Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or in person in Vegas!

I also offer speciality one on one coaching classes, in E-learning, Medical E-learning and General Marketing 101. To find out more, contact me at

If you would rather just go ahead and book a session, you can do that here too. All sessions

are $150 for an hour. 




Bridging the VO Gap - International Marketing Coaching


Although I am based out of the USA, I've secured clients all over the world. Because of this success in navigating the intricacies and nuances involved in doing business with different countries and cultures, I recently launched “Bridging the VO Gap”, to help VO talent learn how to market themselves to International clients.

Every voice actor wants to expand their client base right? But have you thought about how to do that without just looking for another agent, that new P2P website or sending a differently worded email?

Sure, some voice actors market themselves really well, but there are other ways to find more work and increase your income by looking farther afield and trying something new.

Bridging that gap between your own country and the rest of the world can be a little daunting and through Bridging the VO Gap, I will….

  • Let you in on some trade secrets of finding more International clients

  • Give you insights on how to successfully market yourself around the globe

  • Help you to get to know your International clients culture, so that you can perform at your best and come across like a Pro.

  • Teach you a little more about Worldwide rates and usage

To find out more you can contact me at or you can just go ahead and book a session



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USA Tel: +1 702 545 8691

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