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Portrait Shelley Avellino
Voice Actor  Director  Coach   
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Hi I’m Shells,


I’m a native British gal, originally from Wales, who lived in Asia and Hawaii over 4 years and now lives in the East Bay in California. Sounds a bit all over the place right….???  Well yes and no. It can be stressful moving so many times, but I'm lucky to have travelled so much as I can use that cultural experience and diverse knowledge to give you something different, when it comes to making your project stand out!! Plus it gives me that wonderful neutral sound from all over the planet!


Being a well travelled female British Voiceactor means that if you want a neutral UK or Welsh accent? I can do that.  You want Scottish, Brummy or Cockney...check, mid Atlantic, look no further.  If you need an explainer video, video game character, commercial or a kids app...I’m your gal. 


I’m also bubbly, quirky and fun to work with....or so I'm Oh, and for the technical stuff, I’m happy to work with you out of my wonderful recording studio via Source Connect Pro, iPDTL, Skype or Phone Patch.   

Yep, I have been known to record at stupid o'clock in my pj's to cover all the worlds different times zones.  Isn't technology marvellous!

I work from both the UK and the USA at different times of the year and having a pilot for a hubby definitely helps with that!

So, if you'd like a custom audition, just get in touch, or if you'd rather not wait, just email me with your project details, budget and script and I can get working right away! Now that's amazing!!

Cheers for now and I look forward to working with you soon, Shells 

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